Special Guests – July 29

Joining us on Sunday morning July 29th will be Missionary Associates for Special Touch Ministry

37023410_1745524452221569_3265858235269120000_nTodd and Synoilva Halbach

Growing up in Wisconsin, Todd accepted Christ as his personal savior through the Promise Keepers Men’s Ministries in Minneapolis, MN in 1995. In 2012, he began missions work, with trips to Mexico, Argentina, and Kenya. Over the years, Todd has also been involved in ministry to children and the elderly as well as serving for 15 years as a caregiver to people with disabilities at the New Hope Center. Joining Special Touch Ministry, Todd has served in multiple Summer Get Away and Chapter locations. Along with his new bride, Sylnoiva, they’d intend to continue helping people experience God’s love through salvation, healing and being a servant.  Join us to hear about their unique ministry.




New Men’s Bible Study

51fo15nyS5L._SX373_BO1,204,203,200_The brilliant and uplifting new manual that enables you to experience moral vigor and spiritual fulfillment.  You Too Can Learn How To:

-Overcome discouragement

-Relate to your boss

-Get over jealousy

-Handle money wisely

-Practice the fine art of insightful thinking

-Find and nurture your unique inner spirit

-Develop self-control

-Be aware of details without getting lost in them

-Confess and accept your part in a problem

-Prepare yourself for success

Men’s Breakfast & Bible Study – Wednesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. at the hospital café – 707 S University Ave, Beaver Dam, W

Creative Arts Class


Taught by Dawn Czajkowski

What: Creative art space (space to do art, crafts, music, writing…etc…)

Where: Praise Assembly of God art studio (church lower level)

When: Every third Sunday right after church service (from noon to 1:30pm)

How: Bring your own supplies and lunch (if you want to eat during the
art time)

Why: To have a venue to express your creativity with and around other creative people and possibly learn a thing or two from each other.
Art is an excellent way to work through grief and other difficult issues. It’s excellent to have fun with.
It’s excellent to express your spirituality. Art is a language all of it’s own and sometimes it’s the only way to fully express yourself, without words (unless of course you are a creative writer!)

**We don’t have planned projects but we do offer tutoring in sketching & painting. That way you can work on what you are personally interested in, the way you want to work on it and at your own pace.